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The IJFS is a biannual publication and comes out in June and December. It is an online interdisciplinary journal and it accepts original theoretical and/or practical  contributions, that are important both at the  national and the international level.

In addition, each number includes a section with reviews of recent and relevant  publications  in the area of family studies, as well as a section of “Forum on developing family issues”.

The journal follows the  APA publishing guidelines (Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, Sixth Edition ). Please visit   for detailed information on the APA style.



The Editorial Board accepts only manuscripts in English language. All manuscripts submitted for publication in our Journal are firstly evaluated by the Editorial Board. After the  initial evaluation, the manuscripts are sent to two anonymous reviewers for double blind reviewing.

Manuscripts must be submitted online to the following e-mail address:

Authors must attach a personal statement – in Word or PDF format – which should be registered at the Ethics Commitee of their academic institution or organization  and express the authors’ respect for the ethics standards. Authors who cannot refer to an Ethics Commitee must fill in, sign, and send the  statement themselves.

The Journal accepts for publication manuscripts which represent original research material and have not been previously or simultaneously published, submitted or accepted elsewhere, either fully or partially.

Papers should not exceed 6,500 words in length, including references, tables and figures. The paper should be typed in a WORD file, using 11 pt Times New Roman font, single-spaced on standard-sized paper and left-justified. Tables and figures have a max. breadth of 11,8 cm (height 18,5 cm) with 9pt Times New Roman font.

 A title page is to be provided and should include  (at page1) :(1) the title ; (2) the authors’ names, and their affiliations together with full contact details (address, e-mail address, telephone/fax) for the corresponding author;  (3) the brief running head; and, at the bottom of the title page, (4) the word count.

Manuscripts should include an abstract of  no more than 150 words, followed by five keywords, placed beneath the abstract (at page 2).

At page 3, the text of the article begins with the title and without other indication of the authors.

The manuscript should be structured into sections (and subsections, if necessary) which are considered appropriate for their content (e.g., Introduction/Background, Method, Results, Discussion). Possible notes are inserted  at the end of manuscripts.

In submitted manuscripts, figures and tables can be embedded in the body of the text and footnotes can be placed at the bottom of the page on which the footnoted material is referenced. However, it should be noted that this is a departure from the APA style. The figures, tables, and footnotes may be placed at the end of the submitted manuscript but the reviewers’ task becomes easier when these elements appear near to the paragraph referring to them.

In the final version of the paper submitted for publication, each figure and table must be placed on a separate page at the end of the manuscript and all footnotes must be listed on a footnote page, as per the APA Publication Manual.

Citations and References should conform to APA style.



The journal operates a policy of anonymous peer review. Papers will normally be scrutinized and commented on by at least two independent expert referees.

The referees will not be aware of the authors’ identity. All the data about authorship, including personal acknowledgements and institutional affiliations, should be confined to the title page, and the text should be free of any clues such as identifiable self-citations (“In our earlier work…”).


Final Version:

All articles accepted and  published by  the IJFS  are made freely and permanently accessible online  immediately upon publication, without charges.

After the article is accepted, the  authors must check, correct, and submit the final version of the article in  Word file format  following the reported instructions and send to the Journal Editorial Board a signed declaration regarding the transfer of the ownership rights to the publishing house


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