Interdisciplinary perspective within Women/Gender studies enhanced by European Thematic Networks

TitleInterdisciplinary perspective within Women/Gender studies enhanced by European Thematic Networks
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsBertoldo A
JournalInterdisciplinary Journal of Family Studies
Date Published12/2012
PublisherPadova University Press
Place PublishedPadova, IT
ISSN Number2282-2011
KeywordsEuropean thematic network., interdisciplinarity, psychodramatic techniques

One goal of the Conference is to share and implement bestpractices
on the cutting-hedge of contemporary gender studies perspective,
research and the developing field of psychodramatic techniques. The need is to
identify areas of collaborative action research frameworks and methodologies that
could enhance Women‘s Studies perspective into new applicative fields.
Interdisciplinarity is defined as ‘research and teaching activities that transgress
borders between disciplinary canons and approaches, in a theoretical and
methodological bricolage that allows for new synergies to emerge’ (Lykke, Michel,
De la Bellacasa, 2001). conventional disciplinary approache are challenged, thus,
moving beyond disciplinary boundaries towards an integration of different forms
of knowledges. EMPoWER network has the potential to raise awareness and to
educate wide range of social subjects, both University and community-based
actors as its interdisciplinary approach highlight the need of new research